Friday, August 19, 2011


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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sorry I'm not a good daughter. Sorry I'm not the daughter you expected. Sorry.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Your asking me why im in a bad mood? I bangun happy je. Tapi kena bahan dari semua. Mmg bad mood la kan? Pfft. Yeah yeah. I'm always wrong. I'm the bitch okay.

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Ey, please la. It's my life. I know your paying but stop pressuring me into taking something else. Just stop okay. I will never ever enter the world of fashion ma. Please understand.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Every single day ! Your fucking pissing me off

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Sunday, May 22, 2011


GOD ! what difference does it make? Stop being a stuck up little fucking bitch would you.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

hello. i'm back & 2010 is about to end

Sooo, high school ended. :) yippiekaye.

okay, im just here to spill what i have in my heart.

1) YOU creep, leave me alone :) i'm soooo freaking annoyed with you and your crap

2) my ex bf is dating one of my 'friend', hahahahahaha, when i got to know i was laughing my ass off because he was quoting all this quotes that i know, GOD knows and all his ex-gfs know. HE-DON'T-MEAN-IT. it's his style. first sweet then he ignore. but well, i hope you get through with him :) goodluck on that

3) ARGH, i dont know whats going on. this mood swings and shit. okay ! you have someone to complain at. you have HIM ! but, where do i go? who do i complain to? its so not fair you know. sheesh.

4) STOKED FOR MY PENANG TRIP on the 23rd of THIS MONTH. :) hehe. the kandars ! roadsides ! gurney drive ! midnights ! hehe :D


6) OFFICIALLY, my blog has became the ultimate place I spill the beans. the place i crack up. the place i talk shit about you ! the place i release my inner stress about all this SHIT.

OKAY. feeling so much better now. bye. see you in... whenever. ;)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Secret Love

"In my dreams ,
I see us both together constantly ,
Why can’t you see ,
This love that’s here for you inside of me ."

Hey there you guys. I decided to blog today. YES, out of the blues. :) haha. Hmmm, school was awful today. Had no mood for it at all. Felt like the sun didn't shine for me today. I felt lonely, down and lost. On the other hand. I came home and watched Shark Tale found the song i once used to love by Jojo titled Secret Love. Really made me even more down. you should listen to it. It sure made me sad and down. hmmm. I think thats it. i have nothing much to talk about. other then that. my other days has been Better then this. Missing you

'j'espère un jour où vous réalisez combien je t'aime' -nadia

nadia mahmood

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm Sorry

Dear arif, my Glee cast wannabe.

Today i had the sudden urge to blog. & as you can see, thats Arif. Arif Shafii. One of my awesome and actually kinda good friend. Ok, enough about that.
Today i think i kinda dissapointed arif, did i arif? SORRY if i did. I didn't mean to for it to happen.

just incase, just incase arif. If that was an April Fool trick. IT'S SO NOT COOL. :/
other then that. i'm sorry.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Great Friend

This is Ho Meng Khuen, now his 17 and no longer as cute as he looks here but good looking now. I've been friends with him for like what, almost 6 years. eventhough we're not in the same school. cos he goes to smk tropicana. haha. his been an awesome friend to me. his always happy and hyped up for anything. he like cleaning things. clean guy :) i call him my maid. we both love to shisha. and there's arif and shamier too. but boo, shamier sucks. he doesnt lepak that much but arif. hahaha. just call and he'll be there. YOU must be wondering why am i blogging this right? maybe cos im super bored and my brain wasnt giving out any information to blog about anything. so yeah. my second option. meng :)

you're a really good friend to me. With or without that girl. I still love you and yes meng, i think this friendship will last till whenever, we'll see how long.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

The F word

Woke up this morning and got fucked by mum. I said one sentence and she replied with a 100 sentence I think. Pms much? Now thanks to mum. I'm in a bad mood. And fuck, life's back to the usual rutine tomorrow. The same old fucking shit. I'm hungry and sleepy. Just the most awesome combination right? Bye bitches


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Friday, February 12, 2010

it's finally here

" run baby run, don't ever look back,
they'll tear us apart if we give them the chance."

Holidays are here and im barely free. i got all my days all well planned out. (: movies and lunches and all sorts of stuffs. and the most biggest thing im waiting for is Zai-lii's birthday party. hehe. alright. ciow people. holiday is here. i wanna enjoy the week.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

i've got my eyes on you

"i only wanna see you you you."

hey people. ok. so today in school. it was H.O.T. i think i could get sun burned by going to school everyday in this hot sun. matahari! go away. hahaha. :)
at the moment, my twitter isnt working. it hasnt been working for almost 2 days. how annoying is this? I.WANNA.TWEET.YO. hahaha. holidays are almost here. (:

tomorrow's gonna be the last day of school. say goodbye school. and after a week. say hello school for another few weeks. GOD, im going bonkers sitting at home. there's no homework, i guess. hehehe. I think im gonna go to tuition early today and just lepak with anis. my throat is so itchy. i just feel like scratching it with my hand right now. if i could, i would have done it. :(

hmm, i guess i better go and take my shower. i feel so uncomfortable.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Colour my world,
with the many many colours that you have.

I've been skyping with Pat :) he sounds so sexy on skype. with the aussy accent. awh, just awesome. His currently on vacation not to far from malaysia, indonesia. stop shopping!!

i'm so jealous. haha. i wanna go indon too. bandungggg. shopping heaven babes. you wont wanna get out of there. not until you get everything you want. or never just get out of there, cos the stocks just comes in and in more and more. :) awww, thats so decided. after prom and shits. Bandung trip, with aniskiss. JOM BABE. hehe. so yeah anis came over just now, to do "some accounts homework". turns out we didnt even do anything and she went home just like that to finish her Civics project.

i've been texting Shamier less. seems to be the better thing to do aye? :) hehe. school has been OK i guess. Thursday.and.Friday. then HOLIDAY :) for A WEEK :(. better then nothing aye?
i think i've been saying "aye" too much. and its all because of you (patrick)

aye, with his aussy slang :)
but his been saying "la" alot too. like we malaysians say. "........... la"
yeah. his been saying it a lot. cos i say it a lot. hahaha. alright. im off bitches. ciow


Friday, February 5, 2010


"it's just gonna be me & myself"

ohamgee, can you believe it? its already the 5th of february. another 9 more days to V day and 10 more days to my best friend's birthday, love you zai-lii. and not to mention, another 15 more days to my brother's 21st birthday which is the SAME day my bitch is throwing her 17th birthday party. Looks like i wont be there to party with her :(

okay okay, so yesterday i think i so made a FOOL out of myself. i was mad and full of ego for nothing. sorry S, :)
and right now i feel like laughing at myself. i bet miss Lee Zai-Lii must be doing that right now, i dont blame you ;) it was really stupid of me. later on Sean would be laughing at me then. hahahahahah.

stayed up late yesterday. stayed up to chat with patrick. his on a holiday :) how fun. his going all over in indon. and and, he said this to me last night, "i hate the mosquitos here, save me"
hahahahaha, that made me laugh my butt of. how cute of him. hahahahahaahahahahah :) hmmm, ttyl patrick. miss you.

lets all just laugh. *hahahahahahaha*
btw, i skipped school today due to.. i have no idea why. :) alright, gtg. ciow.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Does it all really last? Happily ever after

"i want you to want me,
i need you to need me,
i love you to love me."

does it even exist anymore? guys has just been absolutely totally ridiculous lately. i'm not saying this because im hurting on anything. i'm not, i'm saying this because it's what i've been seeing lately. guys, first they go. oh, i wont let you go, i love you. and the next moment, oh umm sorry. i dont think so im into you anymore.
what kind of excuse is that? is it a trend running through the guys? first it was me, then my close friend and now a friend of mine. whats happening guys?
where's all your sweet words now? gonna spread the jam on another girl now. ?
haha, you guys say, Girls are so unpredictable. I think you should rethink that :)

WE, girls. don't need to be treated that way.

well, enough of the guy drama here. how was your day bitches? :) mine was alright. school was alright. i think i should go, tuition soon. *dragsss* its ok, last year right? :) ciow bitches and guys.


Monday, February 1, 2010

What a day!

What a day man. I waited under the hot blitzerring sun for NOTHING. you know how much that sucks? Major overly sucks.
I think I got sunburns waiting under the sun for 40 mins for our drag queen. And she came out from school and left me. How sweet of her :') came home and watched New York, I Love You. To be honest, I didn't understand the motive of the movie.
Then after the movie I took a nap.

Decided not to text him today and see how long I could last. But so didn't happen. Cos he texted me at 4 saying that he just came home from school.
Hmm, what am I to do here?!! I wanna stop texting him before I get hurt. Cos I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be the one that gets hurt. Like always.

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Sunday, January 31, 2010

First time.

I'll do anything for you,
I love you.
How awesome is this? I'm blogging via my iPhone. Hahah. Awesome. So last night I went to klang with the family to meet more families and have dinner. My nephew was there. And aww. His 6 months old already. I love you small guy. So I woke up quiet early today. Going to bangsar for some food testing later. Yummy. Alright. I better go take my shower :) byee. I miss you s.


Friday, January 29, 2010

Even for a minute

can i have it forever?
can i have it just for a day, an hour, a minute or a second,
just to be with you.

10.57pm. i just came home from tuition. add maths to be presise. and mmm, im lovin it. classes with him is just :D but you really need to talk more. hahahahaha, ok ok. i know its tuition. we should pay attention and all. ok. i can work on that. 50-50. multitask you know. talk to him while i do my work. sat next to him today. and next to me was anita and next to anita was Maxim. haha. anita so hates me right now for making her sit next to maxim. but hey, you may hate me on the outside but i know you love me anita chan (:

i'm thinking, what should i do now?! and oh, just great. yesterday, 28th January. my line got barred. how great right. rm 146. ughh, i think dads gonna kill me this time. but i so couldnt take it, not replying msges. so i actually went to buy a prepaid number. hahahaha now i text for only 1 cent per msg instead of 10 cents. yeah i know. maxis is SO BLOODY expensive right? tell me about it. haha, alright. im gonna ciow. watch a dvd or smtg. life has to go on. hahaha

ps. i think im inlove, and i think its bad.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dude, can i get some privacy please?

You came into my life and i thought, hey
you know this could be something.

So hey you guys, you must be wondering whats up with my title for this post. i'll tell you. chill chill. ok, so this is the story.
me : my brother
ok, im about to go out.
*slurps, drinks my milo* mmm, ok*
*ting, msg came into my phone*
*he quickly snatches it away from the sofa so he could see who's been texting me.*
OH, so you're dating my junior? my junior? haha
*walks away*
and i was like,
can i have some privacy, and im not dating him. im just texting not dating him or with him.
gosh, give me a break.

so the moral of the story is :
1. brother, leave me alone. leave my phone alone
2. people, take care of your phone. even at home.
3. i'm not dating him, :)

seconds later, ting. another msg came in. and i replied to it and told him about my brother's cartoon act. and he was laughing and he asked, "doesnt your brother has any other job to do?" said by s.i.r (:

hmm, school wasnt so bad today. it was so cooling today during 1st and 2nd, i just felt like dropping my head onto my book. but i didnt. i was texting him instead. hahaha. so his playing football now (: my stinky guy.
i guess i should go to. tuition at 7.30. meeting up with anis at 6.30 (: